Thedit Studio came up with the idea to make it easier to create a perfect and balanced feed. These days most of our pictures are made with our phones that we immediately upload on social media. By using one of our guides or presets you can simply give your feed a professional upgrade. You will be provided with a file that explains you how to edit or a Lightroom preset with all the explanation you'll need to make it work. We selected four different guides and two different presets that can work for just anyone. Simply click here to find out more about our guides. Share your amazing edited pictures with #theditstudio.

Next to THEDIT Guides we came up with THEDIT iPhone cases, sunglasses and jewellery and fashion statement accessories! 

Eight different cases with a unique design which are the perfect essential to make your iPhone as cool as your Instagram feed. You will definitely stand out with these funky cases! Shop them right here

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