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Step 1: Buy the preset
Step 2: Open the downloadlink of the preset on your COMPUTER
Step 3: Open the desktop guide or mobile guide

Step 4: Follow the steps to add the preset to your Lightroom dekstop of LIghtroom App
Step 5: Start editing and share your pictures with #THEDITGUIDE


This preset + guide provides you with all the information you need to know about Adobe Lightroom. It includes 1 preset and a full guide on how to use it. You'll get the best results by using Lightroom on your computer but it's also possible to use these presets on your mobile. Use the  Adobe Lightroom Classic CC desktop version or download the Lightroom App on your phone. The TG3 preset work differently on every photo depending on lighting, colors, etc. You will likely need to tweak the presets a bit when using. You can find all the information about the use in the guide. 


No more editing on different apps, just one click and you're ready to go! Buy and download the Lightroom Presets now.


Share your pictures with #THEDITGUIDE. It would be fantastic to see how you used one or multiple guides.